About Phantom_xvii

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When it comes to photography, there isn't too many things i'm after if i'm being honest. I've come to realise that it goes far beyond me getting an insane shot to publish.

I want to create art that people will look at in many years to come and still appreciate. Art that speaks for itself and leaves you amazed even after you've stared at it for ages.

I want my art to lift others and to go beyond memories. I understand that a lot of times, we keep photos that we don't particularly like but hold onto because of memories. I want people to have both because i understand that it plays a huge role in how we see ourselves.

And lastly i want to share with you all, the world as i see it. I'd like to share the tremendous potential contained in things we overlook and the beauty all around us.

So here's hoping that poking around here in my small corner of the world leaves you blessed, inspired and refreshed.
- Love Deborah.